Grand Chapter of Missouri

Order of the Eastern Star  

Associate Grand Matron Theme

Our Associate Grand Matron, Sister Karlene Baylous Plans

2017 - 2018 Grand Chapter Year

Symbol for 2018 will be:


Symbol for 2018 will be:


Reminding us to cherish God, Family and Country. Travel far and wide to spread joy to our Chapters and Districts.


Flowers for 2018 will be:

Peonies: Their intricate beauty gives us peace and hope.

Jonquils: Represent devotion to God and our beautiful order.

Gerber Daises: Bring thoughs of our absent friends.

Pink Roses:

Represent the moms in our lives who give so much.

Greenery and Baby's Breath: Adding finishing touches remind us to do our work well.


Colors for 2018 will be:

Black:  Be a "class act" in all we do.

Red: In honor of all or Dads - and love one another.

Pink: May we have hope in our hearts.

Lavender and Cream: Like opals may we shine and be open to positve change.

Gold/Silver Accents: Finishing touches remind us to do our work well.

I would very much appreciate that the Associate Conductress wear their 2018 color badge with pride on the left side.  Feel free to wear the Hummingbird pin attached to the ribbon.

If I can help in any way, please contact me.

Star Love!

Karlene Baylous, Associate Grand Conductress