Grand Chapter of Missouri

Order of the Eastern Star  

Missouri Grand Chapter District Deputies

2016 - 2017





Darith Buckles     
Darith Buckles - Rosanna Chapter # 262 dual with Savannah #223 
DDGM 1st District
Delma Smith     
Delma Smith - Kirksville #184  
DDGM 3rd District
Betty Wood - Sunlight #247 
DDGM 4th District
Rebecca Adams     
Rebecca Adams - Florence #124  
DDGM 5th District
Mary Ellen Parsons     
Mary Ellen Parsons - Lighthouse Chapter in Hannibal 
DDGM 6th District
Gayle Behr     
Gayle Behr - Acacia #42 dual with Alpha #507 
DDGM 7th District
Teri O'Dell     
Teri O'Dell - Osage Valley #502 
DDGM 8th District
Robin Norfleet     
Robin Norfleet - Victoria #14 
DDGM 9th District
Susan DeClue     
Susan DeClue  - Troy #405  
DDGM 10th District
Betty Bumgardner     
Betty Bumgardner - East Gate #367 Dual with Swope Park #520  
DDGM 11th District
Cindy Brock     
Cindy Brock - Ivy Leaf #215  
DDGM 12h District
Traci Kessler     
Traci Kessler - Hanson #22  
DDGM 13th District
Barb Palmer     
Barbara Palmer  - Cuba #398 
DDGM 14th District
Earlene Viehland     
Earlene Viehland - Sullivan #105  
DDGM 15th District
Carol Reiner     
Carol Reiner  - Pomegranate #397  
DDGM 16th District
Retha Squires     
Retha Squires, PGM - Mt. Hope #74   
DDGM 17th District
Peggy Pyeatt     
Peggy Pyeatt  - Hermitage #99   
DDGM 18th District
Donna Causey     
Donna Causey - Herculaneum #325   
DDGM 19th District
Roberta Walka     
Roberta Walka -  McDonald #128 
DDGM 20th District
Opal Faye Campbell - Electa #111   
DDGM 21st District
Cory Johnson     
Cory Johnson - Republic #370   
DDGM 22nd District
Janet Lang     
Janet M. Lang - Plato #240   
DDGM 23rd District
Ilene Wood     
Ilene Wood - Grandin #519 dual with Poplar Bluff #344  
DDGM 24th District
Terry Jones     
Terry Jones  - Grandin #519 dual with Poplar Bluff #344   
DDGM 25th District
Sandy Ortiz     
Sandy Ortiz - Jackson #91   
DDGM 26th District
Linda Jenkins     
Linda Jenkins, PMG - Kimberling #164   
DDGM 27th District
Joy Cutbirth     
Joy Cutbirth - Gainesville #432  
DDGM 28th District
Gloria A. Chaney, PGM - Sikeston #137   
DDGM 29th District