Grand Chapter of Missouri

Order of the Eastern Star  

Grand Conductress Theme

Our Grand Conductress, Brenda Goings 

2018 - 2019 Grand Chapter Year



Symbol for 2019 will be:


Hat: We believe in one True God, strive to live with moral values and do good for others.  Sisters and Brothers wear your hats well.

Flowers for 2019 will be:


Stargazer Lily: Blooms point toward Heaven. A symbol of hope, optimism and limitless possibilities.  Chosen in honor of God.

Pink Carnation: Symbolize a mother's love and bonds of affection.  Chosen in honor of mothers and families.

Red Rose: Symbol of love, courage and compassion.  Chosen in honor of our service men and women and the Station of Electa.

Poinsettia: Known as the Christmas Star or the Star of Bethlehem. A symbol of reassurance and celebration.  The Wiseman were led by that star.  Chosen in honor of my 2015 Grand Family who are also led by that Star.


Colors for 2019 will be:


Turquoise: A symbol of Heaven. Represents wisdom, love and patience.

Golden Amber:  A symbol of the Glory of God.  Represents grace and repentance.

Pearl: A symbol of uniqueness.  Represents harmony and generosity.

Emerald: A symbol of Eternal Life.  Represents mercy, praise and new beginnings.

Ruby: A symbol of the Blood of Jesus.  Represents sacrifice and victory.


I would ask that the Associate Conductresses wear the official "Hat" pin on their 2019 ribbon.  To show support for the Worthy Grand Matron's charities each year, I would like for you to feel free to wear her charity pins on the ribbon also.  I only ask that the official "Hat" pin be worn right below the 2019 badge.  We will be wearing many different hats as we travel to the Grand East.

I am humbled by all your love, friendship and support.

Brenda Goings

Grand Conductress