Grand Chapter of Missouri

Order of the Eastern Star  

Worthy Grand Matron's Theme 2016 - 2017

Our Worthy Grand Matron, Sister Nancy Lane and Worthy Grand Patron, Brother Shawn McAfee have chosen the following items for the

2016 - 2017 Grand Chapter Year

Symbol for 2017 will be:

The Rocking Chair

The Rocking Chair

The rocking chair is a symbol of family and tradition. It represents the grandmother that passes her special chair to her first granddaughter thus creating a family tradition.

Flowers for 2017 will be:

Sunflower:     The golden sunflower gently turns its face toward the light of the sun throughout the day. The sunflower should remind us to turn our faces and lives toward our light...our Heavenly Father.

Daisy:     The daisy, like the sunflower, turns its face toward the light. But more than that, it is a symbol of innocence.

Single Red Rose:     The single red rose is a symbol of love and friendship. It represents that person in our life that gives us unconditional love. It stands alone with nothing more than baby's breath and greenery.


Colors for 2017 will be:

INDIGO: Represents patriotism. It is dedicated to those men and women who have served our country.  This color is dedicated to my father and will be used to represent those male figures that have been father-figures throughout our lives.

RED: Represents love.  It is also the color of Electa, the mother station.  Red is dedicated to not only my mother but also to those who have filled the role of a mother in the lives of others.

BLUE: Rrepresents fidelity.  It is the color of Adah, the daughter station.  This color is dedicated not only to my daughters Heather and Jennifer, but also the women that we have guided and loved as our daughters.

GREEN: is a symbol of immortality and is representative of Martha, the sister station.  This color is dedicated to my sisters, both biological and fraternal.

WHITE: Represents light, purity, and joy.  It is dedicated to the innocence of a child and reminds us to keep a childlike brightness in our hearts and spirits.  It is also dedicated to our Rainbow girls, Job's daughters, and DeMolay.


I would ask that the Associate Conductresses wear the official "Rocking Chair" pin on their 2017 ribbon.  To show support for the Worthy Grand Matron's charities each year, I would like for you to feel free to wear her charity pins on the ribbon also.  I only ask that that the official "Rocking Chair" pin be worn right below the 2017 badge.  I am excited and looking forward to having you travel with me on my way to the Grand East.  May we all "Rock On".




Nancy Lane

Grand Conductress